Web Research

“webdataresearch” provides end-to-end data services to drive your business with accurate data for effective decision-making and provides you with high quality data processing, research and services such as customized B2B List Build, List Research, List Validation and Data Management. We use innovative methods to deliver high quality, cost effective research for our clients.

Our web research services include following:

  • Company information research (key person, address, phone, email, etc.)
  • Compiling and updating database (updating missing data, adding new records, etc.)
    eCommerce product research (technical specs, pricing, photo, etc.)
  • Contact details research (title, email, phone, fax, etc.)
    Google, linkedin, facebook research (office location, size, etc.
  • Mailing list research (email collection, verification, de-duplication, etc.)
  • Online research for events / leads database creation
    Extracting targeted email ids, URLs, telephone number, etc., for sales support